Senate Bill to Require Colleges to Report Hazing

By Elin Johnson, Inside Higher Ed

Families of hazing victims with Senator Cassidy during Capitol Hill visits in support of END ALL Hazing Act

Two U.S. senators have introduced a bill that would require colleges and universities to post incidents and history of hazing on their websites.

Senators Bill Cassidy, a Louisiana Republican, and Bob Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat, backed the End All Hazing Act, which asks that institutions publish details and occurrences of hazing that happen on campus or within a student organization.

Under this bill, institutions must report incidents they were made aware of that violated standards of conduct or federal, state or local hazing laws. Additionally institutions would include in the report incidents where conduct threatened a student’s physical safety. To supplement this, institutions would have to include the name of the student organization involved, the alleged violation, dates of the incident and subsequent investigation, and finding that violation occurred. Institutions would exclude identifying details of students involved.

“We are thrilled to see the bipartisan introduction of the END ALL Hazing Act in the Senate, which is critical in the fight to address and stomp out this issue,” said Dani Weatherford, CEO of National Panhellenic Conference, and Judson Horras, President and CEO of North American Interfraternity Conference. “We must bring more transparency, accountability and improved safety to all student organizations on campuses nationwide. Our organizations will continue to advocate for this bill to become law and for other solutions that can help bring an end to hazing.”



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