Coalition News

Phi Delta Theta

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Joins Coalition to End Hazing

Indianapolis, Ind. (February 18, 2022) — The Anti-Hazing Coalition welcomes Phi Delta Theta Fraternity as the latest organization to join the coalition committed to eradicating hazing. Formed in 2018, the Anti-Hazing Coalition is an unprecedented partnership between families who have lost their sons to hazing, fraternities represented by the North...

Legislative News

Adam’s Law, requiring hazing prevention training in college, is signed into law

Gov. Glenn Youngkin has signed into law two identical bills that require college students to undergo hazing prevention training, a year after the death of Virginia Commonwealth University freshman. Named for Adam Oakes, “Adam’s Law” passed unanimously in the Senate and received 98 of 100 votes in the House. Oakes...

Criminal charges for hazing now harsher under law named for N.J.’s Timothy Piazza

People convicted of hazing at New Jersey schools and colleges will now face harsher penalties under a new bill Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law on Tuesday (Aug. 24, 2021). The legislation, Timothy J. Piazza’s Law, is named for a Readington teenager who died after falling down the stairs during a hazing initiation at...

Collin’s Law signed to stiffen hazing penalties in Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Tougher criminal penalties for hazing will take effect in Ohio this fall, nearly three years after the death of the college student for whom the legislation is named. Republican Gov. Mike DeWine on Tuesday signed “Collin’s Law,” named for Collin Wiant, an 18-year-old Ohio University freshman...