We can do more together than we can alone to address this societal problem.

Hazing Legislation

The Coalition is actively pursuing state and federal anti-hazing legislation that delivers greater transparency through stronger hazing reporting requirements, strengthens criminal penalties and more...

Evelyn Piazza

Rae Ann Gruver

Lianne Kowiak

Our Speakers

As part of the Anti-Hazing Coalition, several parents of hazing victims speak at college and high school campuses, as well as to organizations, to share their sons’ stories and educate about hazing prevention.

50% of students experience hazing in high school

We plan to engage fraternity and sorority members in educating high school students to confront hazing and bullying.

The passing of the END ALL Hazing Act is critically important because we continue to see students being injured or dying at alarming rates as a result of irresponsible hazing behavior at universities. The transparency and awareness that this law will bring will enable students and parents to assess the quality and reputation of the organizations with which students are considering joining.”

Evelyn and Jim Piazza